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FEAT is transitioning back outside to our full timetables.
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FEAT Fitness

FEAT Fitness lives by it's core purpose, bringing the human connection back into peoples world's through the power of community based outdoor training.FEAT Fitness started off as an outdoor only business. We love the outdoors, during the COVID restrictions we have taken the elements of our regular outdoor community training and brought them to your home so you can continue to stay both mentally and physically fit and healthy. As restrictions ease, we're working on bringing our full outdoor timetable back into play. Check out our outdoor timetables.

Why Join the FEAT Community?

By joining our community at FEAT, you will be exposed to a variety of different training programs to experience an amazing workout as our trainers support you in achieving your goals.

Our trainers run more than just an online session, with human connection being the backbone of all training sessions. The FEAT community engagement is consistent across all platforms of delivery and creates the basis of our training style.


Our aim at FEAT is to create an environment for people to play and ultimately have more FUN. We believe that fun through play is your gateway to full self expression and a true, fulfilling way of being.


COMMUNITY through support and accountability is what defines us at FEAT. We get that environment is more important than will. By creating a space where people come together each day is the road to success. Having like minded individuals lifting you up, will change the trajectory of your path so much faster than anything you can will yourself.


TRAINING is where the magic happens! Not only do you get a great workout, but at TRAINING you get to actualise as human beings two states of being – being together and being in nature. We connect to the community of people around us by pushing through together and tackling the challenges of the training session.

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Member Testimonials

Training with FEAT is simply the best way to get my day started. Nothing beats being outdoors and exposed to the elements as we build our fitness. There's an emphasis on fun and an amazing social community.

Jo Sarkodie, Rushcutters Bay

The team at FEAT provide a structure which caters well for people of different abilities and fitness. If you are fit, you can have your fitness limits pushed, and if not so fit, the FEAT program can build your fitness progressively. One aspect that I really like is the variety of exercise that you are provided with, one week is never the same as the last. But most of all it is a lot of fun, it's social and it gets you out of bed in the morning, even at 5.30am.

John Mcilroy, Rushcutters Bay

Before I joined FEAT I'd never been able to stick with a regular training program. But the diverse and fun workouts, beautiful outdoors and inclusive community has made 6am the highlight of my day! I've reached fitness goals I never thought I'd achieve and made some wonderful new friends in the process.

Miriam Raphael, Rushcutters Bay