What do outdoor training businesses do when it rains?

What do outdoor training businesses do when it rains?

Get wet... Not really, there is generally an undercover area or location that you can go to train that will protect you from the rain. That way you are not completely susceptible to the elements. Although there is something incredibly humbling about being back in nature, moving to the rhythm of the natural environment and having your training sessions adjusted in accordance with these cycles.

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Our core purpose is to bring the human connection back into peoples lives through the power of outdoor community-based training.

At FEAT, we will not only know you by name, but get to know who you really are and what you want to achieve. Our team of friendly, skilled trainers will provide you with varied and fun workouts to keep you motivated. Our community becomes like your second family, driving you towards your goals and leaving you feeling full of energy and warmth.

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