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THE FEAT Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the principles of FUN, EMPOWERING, ASPIRATIONAL, TRAINING and COMMUNITY.

The human body is made for movement and is capable of amazing physical feats. By demanding more from your body and pushing through mental and physical barriers, you gain a sense of clarity and growth.

When you move away from comfort and push yourself more than you previously thought you could, you can come out the other side a more complete version of yourself.

By transforming in this way, you also have the power to encourage others to challenge themselves and grow to new heights.

At FEAT we have built a community around this principle. We train outside in all types of weather to feel the power of nature. We bring play to movement and no two sessions ever look the same.


At FEAT we create an environment for people to play and ultimately have more FUN. We believe having fun through play is your gateway to full self-expression and a true fulfilling way of being.

We believe that life is about climbing your mountain as you empower those around you to take the challenge and climb theirs. The best way to empower those in your life is to have the people around you EMPOWERING you.

ASPIRATION, followed by action, is what makes the invisible joys in life visible. By aspiring to go beyond our perceived limitations, there is an unconscious and automatic growth that you have as a person.

TRAINING is where the magic happens! Not only do you get a great workout, but you also get to connect with people and experience the power of being in nature. At FEAT, we come together to push each other, get outside our comfort zones, and marvel at the ability of our bodies to adapt to our surrounds.

COMMUNITY is what defines us at FEAT. We believe that it's better when you don't go at it alone. We create a space where like-minded people come together and lift each other up. When you surround yourself with like-minded people you can get on your path to success so much faster. We hold each other accountable and cheer each other on - that's the FEAT way.

Are you looking to join the FEAT team? When your doing your initial interview call, make sure to mention you have read our philosophy and saw this. It's really great to know those that love what we believe in too.

Our Training