As COVID restrictions are beginning to ease, it's really important to us as FEAT that we continue to keep our core focus at front of mind.

Bringing authentic human connection back into people’s worlds through Fun Community based Outdoor Training

We truly believe FEAT From Home allowed us to keep our core focus relevant, and our core focus guided us through our decisions while we were restricted from being outdoors and just online. (i.e. we didn't just stream or prerecord sessions).

To ensure that FEAT can continue to provide the best service to our outdoor communities, over the coming weeks the FEAT from Home timetable will progressively wind down to provide us with the ability to bring back and emphasise the outdoor aspect of our core focus.

Resistance Training - This is where we will be using so external resistance (weights, tharabands etc) to help create the workout. It will be broken into 2 different types of sessions:

  • Metcon (Metabolic Conditioning) - where we will be using a mix of resistance training and bodyweight work to get through interval and circuit style sessions.
  • Strength - a strength-based session is always focusing on how long the targeted muscle group will stay under tension for. In true FEAT style, this will include a huge variety of loading and will not be one style, but guarantee you'll walk away feeling stronger for it!

Pilates - Pilates is essential for individuals of all fitness levels as it focuses on the correct activation of local stabilizing muscles including our deep core muscles and glutes, making it effective for injury prevention. Exercises are completed in a controlled, precise manner to ensure good technique, effectively retraining motor patterns. One of the best aspects of Pilates is that it is adaptable and can be made appropriate for a range of fitness levels from the beginner to the elite athlete. Finally, Pilates is a form of exercise where you should feel like you’ve worked each part of your body but still leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for the rest of the day.

Movement and Mobility - This is a form of strength and movement where there is much more focus on joint ranges and being strong through the entirety of a joint range. These sessions set our base up, they are what ensure that we find the points of the body that are not working fully and slow movement down to make sure we are not missing anything. A great work out where we let our creativity flow through our movements!

Strength Endurance - Strength endurance training is about sustaining power & force over longer periods of time. To put it simply, we are not testing maximal strength, so as we add more volume we go further down towards the endurance zone, yet not letting it become aerobic training. Think load, reps and fun!

Boxing - A high cardio hit out, we have made shadow boxing fun! An incredibly fun sweat out made even more fun with the fluro Friday feels!!

Circuit Training - Our Saturday Circuits is a standard circuit. We alternate between several exercises, working a variety of muscle groups at the same time and limiting the rest periods. Obviously being a Saturday session we always finish with a coffee club at the end!